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Howdy and welcome to the heart of JunkGuys, where we're fixin' to make your clutter disappear like a tumbleweed in the Texas wind! On this page, we're spotlighting our special services tailored just for them musical treasures – pianos and organs. Whether you're lookin' to bid farewell to that old upright piano, clear out space with an organ removal, or entrust us with the grand duty of piano pickup, we've got you covered, Texan-style. And guess what? All these top-notch services come with a down-home price of $200. So, kick off your boots, take a look around, and let's get ready to make your space sing a clutter-free tune!



Pianos can be tedious and take up more space than they need, especially if they continue to go unused. Though often an instrument that has been in the family for years, or one that you thought you would pick up as a hobby, pianos sometimes need to go. This isn't easy. Piano movers are available, but they don't often dispose of such large and heavy instruments. That's where Junkguys up right piano disposal team comes in! 


Welcome to the grand stage of piano removal with JunkGuys

Where we're more than just movers; we're the orchestrators of a harmonious space. Whether you're bidding adieu to a majestic grand piano or seeking the perfect upright piano removal solution, we're here to hit the right notes for you. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of piano removal, showcasing the elegance of grand pianos and the efficiency of our upright piano haul away services. Let's turn your space into a symphony of clutter-free melodies!

Upright Piano Removal $200

Organ  Removal $200

Here are 5 questions and answers about piano disposal and haul away:

Here are 5 questions and answers about piano disposal and haul away:

Q: How do I know if my piano is suitable for disposal?

A: If your piano is severely damaged, non-functional, or beyond repair, it may be suitable for disposal. Our team can assess its condition and provide guidance on the best course of action.

Q: Can you dispose of pianos that are no longer in working condition?

A: Absolutely! We specialize in disposing of pianos that are no longer functional. Whether it's due to irreparable damage or age, our team can handle the disposal process responsibly.

Q: What is the process for piano disposal with JunkGuys?

A: Our piano disposal process involves assessing the piano's condition, preparing it for removal, lifting and loading it onto our transportation vehicle, transporting it to a designated facility, and ensuring responsible disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

Q: Can you assist with donating a piano instead of disposal?

A: Yes, we can! If your piano is in good condition and suitable for donation, we coordinate with local charities or organizations to facilitate the donation process, ensuring it benefits those in need.

Q: How do you ensure environmentally responsible piano disposal?

A: We prioritize environmentally responsible disposal practices. For pianos beyond repair, we partner with recycling facilities to recycle materials when possible. Additionally, we follow local regulations to ensure proper disposal methods are employed.

These questions and answers provide insights into the piano disposal and haul away process, ensuring a clear understanding of how JunkGuys handles the responsible 

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Grand Piano Pickup:

Experience top-notch grand piano pickup services with JunkGuys. For just $200, we'll handle the logistics of transporting and removing your grand piano. Our skilled team understands the intricacies of handling grand pianos, providing a reliable and affordable solution for those looking to clear out their space.

Organ Removal:

Need to part ways with that old organ? Look no further than JunkGuys. Our organ removal service is priced at $200, offering a cost-effective solution for freeing up your space. Let our expert team handle the heavy lifting and disposal, ensuring a smooth and efficient removal process.

Upright Piano Removal:

Say goodbye to that old upright piano with JunkGuys' removal service. At just $200, we'll take care of the entire removal process, providing a hassle-free solution for reclaiming your space. Our experienced team ensures the safe and efficient removal of your upright piano, leaving you with a clutter-free environment.

Upright Piano Haul Away:

Trust JunkGuys to handle your upright piano haul away with precision and care. Our skilled team ensures a seamless removal process, freeing up your space from the bulk of an upright piano. For a flat rate of $200, enjoy the convenience of a professional and efficient service tailored to your needs.



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