Eviction CleanUP & REMOVAL Dallas Texas 

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Howdy property owners and landlords! Welcome to a dedicated space at JunkGuys where we navigate the challenging realm of evictions. We understand the complexities involved, and our team is here to offer professional assistance in managing the aftermath. Whether you're dealing with a property cleanup post-eviction or need support during the process, JunkGuys is your reliable partner. Let's dive into the essentials of evictions and how we can make this process smoother for you.

JunkGuys' 5-Step Eviction Cleanup Process:


Our team conducts a thorough assessment of the property, identifying items for removal and evaluating the extent of cleanup required.

Customized Plan:

We create a customized cleanup plan based on the specific needs of the eviction, including furniture removal, debris cleanup, and disposal strategies.

Efficient Removal:

JunkGuys efficiently removes furniture, belongings, and debris from the property, ensuring a swift and organized cleanup process.

Legal Compliance:

We prioritize legal compliance in the disposal of items, following local regulations and ethical practices to safeguard the property owner's interests.


After completing the cleanup, we leave the property in a clean and restored condition, ready for the next steps in the rental process.

Eviction Clean Out Dallas Texas 

We do several evictions and Hoarder homes monthly , this is something that we are very good at , our team of junk removal experts are not alarmed when we do full eviction or Hoarder homes or even businesses. This is not our first rodeo in the junk & trash removing hauling of any eviction or Hoarder homes in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area. 


Evictions & Foreclosures in Dallas Texas

Call us to discuss pick up services for the following industries:

Hospital Buildings & Doc in a Box 

Hotels & Motels in Dallas 

Nursing homes & Day cares 

Rehabilitation facilities & Small Biz 

Legal and Ethical Disposal Practices:

Understand our commitment to legal and ethical disposal practices during eviction cleanups, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Sensitive Document Handling:

Explore how JunkGuys handles sensitive documents found during eviction cleanups, prioritizing privacy and security in the process.

Eviction Furniture Removal:

Discover our expertise in removing furniture and belongings during evictions, providing a hassle-free solution for property owners.

5 Questions and Answers for Evictions:

Post-Eviction Cleanup:

Explore our services tailored to efficiently clean and clear out properties after eviction, ensuring a swift turnaround for your rental space.

Tenant Abandonment Cleanup:

Learn how JunkGuys assists in clearing out belongings left behind by tenants, facilitating a clean and ready-to-rent property.

Box Spring Removal  $75

Foreclosure Clean Out Services in Dallas 

Foreclosure Can ruin your families dreams and act as a deterrent to move forward in life.  Most of the  foreclosure properties are left in horrible conditions Items are broken and rooms vandalized, often  with urine and feces. This leaves the owner to haul off and remove items left behind on their own. 

Most of the time these items left behind in an eviction or foreclosure is way to much for the normal person to handle , but not anymore JunkGuys Dallas offers services to clean out and remove all your unwanted junk , trash and crap. 

Dallas Foreclosure Cleanup Services

We specialize in getting cluttered homes in the Dallas area ready to be put back on the market.  Small jobs or big jobs JunkGuys are ready for any size job.  Our main job is to get your home or small biz back in shape and back on the market to sell or rent. We offer the cheapest prices in the  junk removal game our junk removal prices are firm and cheap.  Give us a call if your a property management team or a real estate agent and need our help.

Our foreclosure services includes:

Serving Trash & Junk Removal              in DFW 


​Cities we serve and provide Mattress Removal 

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